Your Website

AJ Content and functionality are key. Your content, especially your home page, is your marketing material aimed at your customers be they consumers or potential organization members. Functionality is designed in partnership to be as easy as possible for volunteers to maintain. Your application should meet the basic business needs of your organization or business and should function in modern devices. Your site will be branded with your logo.

Content is King, Consistency is Queen. The number one reason visitors are coming to your site is the content. All development will focus around the content to tell your story. Users also like a site that is consistent and clear. All pages of your site will be built using templates that have a consistent look and feel about them so users do not get lost. Navigation will be intuitive and obvious. We develop our sites to work well in the most commonly used web browsers including those on mobile devices if desired

You own your site and may make decisions about it at any time. Organizations or individuals must provide their own domain name registration and web hosting space. This provides for the most flexible portability down the road. In order to keep costs as reasonable as possible for non-profits, all development is done using ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server for the database. Content management is acheived through the use of web forms through any modern browser so there is no conflict between Mac and PC users.  See the "About the Company" page for more specific details of development.