Stories & Awards

All of my sites have a contact form where those interested in some particular functionality can contact the owners for any specific information. Following are a few stories from satisfied customers:

Iowa Ornithologists' Union
The website ( that you designed and created for the Iowa Ornithologists' Union (IOU) has surpassed all expectations. The knowledge you have of birds, the needs of birding organization, your experience with website design, and the ability to anticipate the needs of our organization has allowed us to have one of the premier websites in the area. The ability for us to update content and do business on-line is absolutely wonderful. The ease of making contact with you for additional programming or to resolve an issue has been a god send. Thank you, Ann. Sincerely, Paul Roisen--President IOU - Paul Roisen

Long Pond Association
Ann created a functional and very attractive website for our small lake association. She was easy to work with, understood our needs, and was very timely and efficient. She has been very helpful in answering questions and excellent at working through any technical difficulties that were encountered. I would highly recommend Ann and have very much enjoyed working with her. - Rachel Hopper

Colorado Bird Records Committee
Ann has done a fantastic job of creating a detailed, functional, and also admin and user-friendly website for the Colorado Bird Records Committee. Ann has been very committed to helping us work out the complexities of this site and has been very thorough when confronted with working through technical issues. Ann's knowledge of birds and the inner workings of state bird records committees went a very long way in helping smooth this difficult process! I would highly recommend Ann and would definitely use her again for any number of projects. - Rachel Hopper

Iowa Ornithologists' Union
Ann, this site is awesome! It works really well on our Macs, too. - Anonymous

Prairie Biotic Research
I have been "Admin-ing" today and am pleased that it's so easy and works. - Andrew Williams, PBR President and Web Administrator

Nebraska Ornithologists' Union
High praise goes to Ann Johnson, web designer extraordinaire, who took a profusion of ideas and suggestions from NOU members and distilled them into the coherent website you see here. Her attention to detail and willingness to spend extra hours to make sure everything works properly has given the NOU a website to be proud of. - Janis Paseka, Editor, Nebraska Bird Review

Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas II
The website AJ has created for the Second Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas is amazing! Not only does it provide a spot for volunteers to get materials for participation, it also allows us to see progress in real time as volunteers enter their data onto the website. The website is very user-friendly, and I've received many compliments from volunteers throughout the state. Having the website has definitely aided in the success of the project. Thanks, AJ! - Nicki Nagl, Iowa BBA Coordinator

Bear Creek Watershed Breeding Bird Atlas
Ann has done a fabulous job designing a fully functional website for the Evergreen, Colorado, Audubon's Bear Creek Breeding Bird Atlas project. Our web construction skills have allowed our participants to easily: retrieve manuals, data forms, and site descriptions; enter and edit their observations; and track the progress of the project by species, site, and elevation groups. Thanks to Ann, our local project has a world class data management system. - Brad Andres, Evergreen Audubon

Iowa Audubon
Ann Johnson has done a fabulous job of creating and administering a rather detailed but also a user-friendly and highly functional website for the Iowa Important Bird Area (IBA) Program. In fact, staff from National Audubon and a number of statewide Audubon IBA Programs have expressed a great deal of interest in what Ann has accomplished for the birders of Iowa. I've always found Ann to be exceptional in her commitment to the innovative projects she undertakes; in her technical knowledge; and in her creativity. Ann is also very understanding and patient with those who lack an understanding, or even an interest in, the inner-workings of computer codes, and what makes websites work. I highly recommend Ann to anyone who has computer problems to solve, and especially, those who are interested in the interface between computer systems and components of the natural world - such as birds, dragonflies, butterflies, etc. - Ric Zarwell, IBA Coordinator, Audubon Iowa

Iowa Odonata Survey
You've created a fantastic site that is both user friendly and very comprehensive, using all available records of early Iowa odonaters. The site is designed for both beginners and experienced odonaters. The distribution maps showing the locations of collections are extremely useful to those going into the field to collect. The site has done much to encourage odontology in Iowa. The ease of downloading county checklists works amazingly well on my MAC. - Bud Gode, co-author of "The Odonata of Iowa"


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